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About C.C. Taylor Realty, Inc. in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Created as a full-service real estate company, C.C. Taylor Realty, Inc., was established in 1976 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Starting out with 2 brokers and 8 real estate salesmen, the company had a property management department, a new home sales division, and a resale department.

After purchasing a Realty World Franchise in 1977, the company moved to new offices on Independence Boulevard. Now known as Realty World Taylor, the company prospered and expanded.

By 1979, sales volume in resale and new home sales exceeded $14 million, resulting in the company employing 16 full-time agents. In 1981, the company changed direction to focus more on property management, commercial properties, and consulting. It gradually concentrated all of its efforts in this direction.

After first moving our offices to Lynnhaven Parkway in 1987, we landed at our current location on Virginia Beach Boulevard 5 years later. You can now find us conveniently located in the Thalia area of Virginia Beach, next to the Virginia Beach Central Library.

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